Establishing relationship channels that facilitate the exchange of information, as well as laying the foundations for what the future Digital Agenda of Cantabria should be, were the two priority issues that the representatives of the Tera Cluster addressed during their first official meeting with the new general director of Innovation, Technological Development and Industrial Entrepreneurship of the new regional Executive.

Pablo Gómez, Roberto García and Juan Carlos Ramos, president, vice president and manager of the Tera Cluster, held a productive working meeting with Javier Puente. Roberto Rico and Ángel Pedraja participated on behalf of Sodercan. The knowledge of the sector by the new Director General and the predisposition to understanding on both sides facilitated the development of the first meeting between the Government and the sector group.Not in vain, they all agreed that Cantabria must take a step forward in terms of governance of the ICT sector and undertake in the short term both the definition and implementation of its own Digital Agenda. From the Cluster’s point of view, the region should have a document that organizes its digital development in the short and medium term. A strategic sheet that has broad institutional support and the majority commitment to execute the planned actions in a timely manner.In this sense, the representatives of the Cluster showed their absolute willingness to collaborate with the Administration in any aspect that is considered appropriate.
It should be remembered that Tera represents more than 60 entities, including companies, universities and technology centers. This circumstance provides the organization with extensive knowledge of both the reality of the sector and the capabilities that its members possess to offer solutions to current challenges.
Likewise, during the meeting, different technological projects were shared that will be addressed in the coming months.