Knowing first-hand and with some advance notice of the digital projects that the Administration intends to promote is one of the demands of the Tera Cluster. The high specialization of ICT companies in the region invites the creation of consortia to be able to solve the challenges posed by large transforming projects. In this sense, the presentation day of the preliminary market consultation carried out by the Cantabrian Health Service (SCS) constitutes an opportunity to demonstrate the potential and capacity of the ICT sector in the region. Several Tera associates as well as a large representation of its board of directors attended this event that was held in the auditorium of the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital.

Specifically, the SCS is studying a project based on human factor engineering that allows it to develop innovative actions in the field of patient safety. This initiative, called ‘Intelligent Platform for Comprehensive Dynamic Monitoring for Patient Safety’, aims to facilitate more efficient management of public health services and contribute to an improvement in the quality of care.

To do this, we want to focus on the difficulties caused by multi-resistant bacteria. A threat that, according to the World Health Organization, is one of the most serious today. In fact, a growing number of infections, such as pneumonia or tuberculosis, are becoming more difficult to treat because antibiotics are losing their effectiveness.
This conference arises with the intention of making a possible request for an Innovative Purchase project (CPI) framed in the line of “Promotion of Innovation from Demand (FID)” of the Ministry of Science and Innovation. This initiative is part of the Plurirregional Operational Program of Spain (POPE) 2021-2027 of the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF).

During the event, the operators have also been informed about the contracting plans and the requirements that will be required to attend the procedure. The call is open. In the coming days, the bases for presenting the proposals from a functional point of view will be published.Exploring the challenges of the market to develop solutions that solve current challenges and generate prosperity for Cantabria is one of the maxims of the Tera Cluster. All the entities associated with this organization share the will to cooperate in the planning and execution of technological projects that allow the ICT sector of the region to evolve.