Around 70 professionals linked to the Ministry of the Presidency are increasing their knowledge of emerging technologies thanks to specialized training given by various partners of the Tera Cluster. This initiative includes seven specific sessions on technological trends considered strategic for the development of society in the coming years.

After the training on cybersecurity and big data, given by Ámbar Telecomunicaciones and LIS Data Solutions respectively, the students will delve into all the possibilities offered by the metaverse in the medium and long term. Francisco Calatayud, CEO of Binarybox, has been in charge of explaining how virtual reality experiences can become a powerful ally to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Administration.

This series of master classes will continue throughout the week with presentations on artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing and 4.0 developments. The companies Deduce Data Solutions, Eurotech, Plain Concepts and Viacore IT will be in charge of showing the state of these technologies and how they can be applied within the Administration.

This type of training, which offers a basic layer of knowledge on the main technological trends, helps Administration professionals increase their skills. In the same way, it allows them to acquire a general perspective of the trends that will mark the agendas in the short term and explore their possible implementation within their work environment.

From the Tera Cluster, these types of courses are considered essential to facilitate the digital transformation of both the public and private sectors. The more knowledge there is about the possibilities offered by technology, the easier it will be to adopt it in all areas. In this sense, the Tera Cluster actively collaborates with the Government of Cantabria in three ways: it makes its practical capacity available to mobilize companies; the vast knowledge it has of the sector and the wide range of capabilities of its associates.