The Tera Cluster has signed an agreement with UNIR Professional Training by virtue of which all interested professionals will be able to increase their skills and improve their performance in the most demanded technologies in the ICT sector. The agreement between both entities makes specialized training in disciplines such as big data architecture, artificial intelligence and data science or cybersecurity available to interested parties. On the horizon, establish the ideal conditions for technology companies in Cantabria to minimize the difficulties that exist when it comes to locating qualified human resources.

This alliance will translate into a reduction in tuition that can reach up to 66% compared to market prices for students outside the Tera Cluster. Specifically, the proposal facilitates access to three online courses, with a high practical component and taught by professionals in the sector. The degrees offered are “IT Cybersecurity”, “Artificial Intelligence and Data Science” and “Big Data Architecture”.

The “IT Cybersecurity” degree is the most extensive of all those offered. 720 hours and 43 ECTS credits spread over 9 months to achieve three fundamental objectives: learn, define and implement security strategies in information systems through cybersecurity diagnoses; identify vulnerabilities and implement measures to mitigate them following current regulations.

For its part, the “Artificial Intelligence and Data Science” training seeks to teach programming and applying intelligent systems that optimize information management and the exploitation of massive data. In this case, we are talking about a training itinerary of 600 hours and 36 ECTS credits.

Finally, the course in “Big Data Architecture” is the shortest of the three. 360 hours and 24 ECTS credits in which the management of specific applications for the treatment, integration, management and analysis of structured and unstructured big data will be studied in depth.

The collaboration with UNIR Professional Training is part of the Tera Cluster strategy aimed at increasing the skills and knowledge of professionals linked to the ICT sector in Cantabria. In this sense, it should be remembered that Tera actively collaborates with the University of Cantabria and the European University of the Atlantic and maintains current agreements with the Telefónica Foundation and the Decroly professional training center, also linked to the Proeduca Group.

UNIR Professional Training is the company of the Proeduca Group, the world’s leading organization in Spanish-speaking online education and promoter of UNIR, the Internet University, in charge of official Vocational Training titles. Since it was founded in 2017, more than 1,200 students have passed through the classrooms of this online center that shares with the Government of Spain the challenge of training more than 2 million people in technological skills before the end of 2025.