Tera Cluster, through its collaboration agreement with the Telefónica Foundation, has launched fifteen free online courses to improve the ICT capabilities of any person. The current proposal, which will be operational until December 31, proposes various training that combines more advanced layers with more basic ones such as mastery of the Office suite or introduction to programming.

These types of alliances contribute to raising the job placement rate of digital profiles and facilitate the reorientation of many professional careers. Not in vain, the average age of the students is 42 years old and practically half have higher education. Likewise, it should be noted that, in 2022, 70% of the users of this platform were women. A fact that represents progress in trying to alleviate the underrepresentation of women in Information and Communication Technologies. In this sense, it is worth remembering that only 23% of people who work in the ICT sector are women.

GL Construcción de Marca – FT Ed 6 https://conectaempleo-formacion.fundaciontelefonica.com/web/gl-construccion-de-marca-ft-ed-6?origen=61217
GL Diseño Web con HTML5 + CSS – FT Ed 11 https://conectaempleo-formacion.fundaciontelefonica.com/web/gl-diseno-web-con-html5-css-ft-ed-11?origen=61237
GL Emprendimiento Social – FT Ed 11 https://conectaempleo-formacion.fundaciontelefonica.com/web/gl-emprendimiento-social-ft-ed-11?origen=61246
GL Finanzas personales para emprendedores – FT Ed 2 https://conectaempleo-formacion.fundaciontelefonica.com/web/gl-finanzas-personales-para-emprendedores-ft-ed-2?origen=61251
GL Fundamentos de Programación – FT Ed 11 https://conectaempleo-formacion.fundaciontelefonica.com/web/gl-fundamentos-de-programacion-ft-ed-11?origen=61255
GL Gestión de Proyectos con Metodologías Ágiles y Enfoques Lean – FT Ed 11 https://conectaempleo-formacion.fundaciontelefonica.com/web/gl-gestion-de-proyectos-con-metodologias-agiles-y-enfoques-lean-ft-ed-11?origen=61262
GL Growth Hacking – FT Ed 11 https://conectaempleo-formacion.fundaciontelefonica.com/web/gl-growth-hacking-ft-ed-11?origen=61276
GL Introducción a la Programación – FT Ed 11 https://conectaempleo-formacion.fundaciontelefonica.com/web/gl-introduccion-a-la-programacion-ft-ed-11?origen=61298
GL Marketing Digital – FT Ed 11 https://conectaempleo-formacion.fundaciontelefonica.com/web/gl-marketing-digital-ft-ed-11?origen=61314
GL Office Básico – FT Ed 7 https://conectaempleo-formacion.fundaciontelefonica.com/web/gl-office-basico-ft-ed-7?origen=61329
GL Office Intermedio – FT Ed 7 https://conectaempleo-formacion.fundaciontelefonica.com/web/gl-office-intermedio-ft-ed-7?origen=61334
GL Principios Básicos de Big Data – FT Ed 9 https://conectaempleo-formacion.fundaciontelefonica.com/web/gl-principios-basicos-de-big-data-ft-ed-9?origen=61345
GL Principios Básicos de Internet de las Cosas – FT Ed 9 https://conectaempleo-formacion.fundaciontelefonica.com/web/gl-principios-basicos-de-internet-de-las-cosas-ft-ed-9?origen=61354
GL Tácticas de Negociación Efectiva – FT Ed 6 https://conectaempleo-formacion.fundaciontelefonica.com/web/gl-tacticas-de-negociacion-efectiva-ft-ed-6?origen=61503
GL Tecnologías 4.0 – FT Ed 2 https://conectaempleo-formacion.fundaciontelefonica.com/web/gl-tecnologias-40-ft-ed-2?origen=61507

To consult the available options, you just have to register as a user on the “Conecta Empleo” educational platform. In that same portal, you can formalize registration and follow the development of the courses. The proposal is not restrictive, so each student will be able to embark on all the training itineraries they want.