The Tera Cluster, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of the Government of Cantabria, has organized its first summer course at the Menéndez Pelayo International University. The meeting, scheduled for August 28 and 29, aims to offer a complete and updated overview of the impact that digital transformation has on the healthcare field.

The training proposal, entitled “Value-based digital health: towards the human factor and precision medicine”, addresses a current situation to guarantee the sustainability of the health system. The progressive aging of the population increases demand and jeopardizes the financial sustainability of publicly owned healthcare organizations with universal coverage.
A challenge that forces us to seek new formulas for organization and management. In this sense, the ICT sector, represented as professional and patient mobility, IoT, data spaces, the Cloud or artificial intelligence, represented the promise of transforming the way of doing things. During the seminar, different ways will be considered to advance towards a more cost-efficient digital health, aimed at improving the experience and adding value to both patients and professionals.

The course will be structured around nine presentations: five on Monday and four more on Tuesday. Thus, the first day will discuss the human factor in healthcare, the rights of patients and the digitization of the healthcare system. The value of data, the implementation of precision medicine and the challenges that all this entails in terms of cybersecurity will be addressed on the second day.

In all of them, keys will be offered to evolve from a healthcare thought and designed to treat the acute patient to a predictive and preventive healthcare, oriented to the continuity of care. For this, the new digital tools, which have already acquired the necessary maturity to solve these challenges, must be oriented towards accessibility, ergonomics, usability and patient safety.
This meeting aimed at professionals is a great opportunity for ICT companies in the region that have professional interests in digital health. The high degree of specialization of Cantabrian organizations together with their ability to adapt when forming larger consortia open up a wide range of possibilities around this sector.

Enrolling in this course, which will feature national and international speakers, costs 157.5 euros.

All those interested in attending can reserve their place at the following link