The TERA Cluster (Information and Communication Technologies of Cantabria) presented today, in the presence of the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Cantabria (Mr. Modesto Piñerio) and the CEO of SODERCAN (Mr. Rafael Pérez Tezanos), a study on Digital Competencies in the region. It is a work carried out by the associates themselves that consists of the analysis, definition of needs and an action plan in order to improve the skills of the ICT sector in Cantabria.

In the previous part of the study, it is noted that only 54.8% of Cantabrians have basic digital skills, a percentage slightly lower than the national average. It is also stated that Technological Micro-SMEs predominate in Cantabria, which have been registering a clear growth during the last decade.

Unlike the state context, Cantabria hardly registers institutional initiatives linked to digital capabilities, except for the university. All this, despite the fact that the companies associated with the Cluster increasingly and urgently demand professionals with digital qualifications.

The report collects the reality of the current training plans in digital skills implemented by universities, vocational training and other non-regulated centers.

On the other hand, it stands out that most of the companies in the sector in Cantabria are related to software, with between 10 and 25 workers and dedicated to the national market. Almost all of them have research projects and a high level of rotation.

As for the most demanded professional profiles, programmers with knowledge of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity technologies, analysts and project managers stand out.

To reduce the existing professional gap in the market, the TERA Cluster has proposed completing the necessary digital skills through two types of training packages. On the one hand, promoting through universities and professional training, the increase in the critical mass of technicians and on the other hand, the signing of a collaboration agreement with the Telefónica Foundation for the access of new professionals through the “Conecta Empleo” program. based on a set of digital training content, free for unemployed people or those who want to improve their employability. Access to this platform will be published on the web and on the Cluster’s RRSS in the near future.

About the TERA Cluster:

The TERA Cluster was born in 2019, with the aim of bringing together ICT companies in the region. It is currently made up of 34 companies and public/private entities that seek to work together to share resources and optimize processes, improving competitiveness in offers and increasing business volume.


We would like to thank the participation and support of:

Rafael Pérez Tezanos, CEO of SODERCAN | Society for the Development of Cantabria
Modesto Piñeiro, president of the Chamber of Cantabria
Juan Carlos Ramos Rodríguez, manager of the Tera Cluster
Roberto Garcia Garcia, CEO of Ambar Grupo and Vice President of TERA


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