Photo: Press service of the Government of Cantabria


Creating specific commissions to promote the culture of Industry 4.0 in each of the Cantabria clusters and intensifying the processes to resolve the ICT needs of companies in the region have been the two proposals defended by Tera during the inter-cluster meeting convened by the Society for the Development of Cantabria, SODERCAN.

Roberto García and Juan Carlos Ramos, vice president and manager of the cluster that represents 44 companies and entities in the ICT sector, have been in charge of formulating these proposals in a session chaired by the Minister of Industry, Francisco Javier López Marcano, and the general director from Sodercan, Rafael Pérez Tezanos. Together with them, representatives of the seven industrial clusters in the region. These groups bring together more than 150 companies and organizations of the Autonomous Community.

The configuration and implementation of working groups to encourage the development of Industry 4.0 is something necessary for all sectors of activity. Both the private and public sectors are aware of the development opportunities that exist around digital transformation and digitization processes. Tera’s proposal is aimed at not wasting the opportunity associated with this type of process.

In the same way, it would contribute to modernize the productive system of the region, where there are sectors, especially the more traditional ones, that show some resistance to change. Finally, I would promote the maxim of relying on the strength of the group to devise solutions with more added value and more economic and social return for Cantabria. In this sense, Tera makes available to the rest of the groups its practical capacity to mobilize companies, the vast knowledge it has of the sector and the wide range of capacities of its associates.

In addition, Tera’s spokespersons have reached out to the representatives of the rest of the clusters to advance in resolving the digital material needs of Cantabria. The previous work carried out by the group determined six driving forces to deploy ICT in an orderly manner in the region: Connectivity/Internet, 5G Network, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and Cloud Services. In this regard, the “Information and Communication Technologies and Electronic Commerce in Companies Survey” recently published by ICANE indicates that much work remains to be done. It is true that practically all companies in Cantabria with more than 10 employees have an internet connection. However, only 7.6% use artificial intelligence solutions and just over 10% carry out massive data analysis.