Santander, September 6, 2022. The Arco Atlántico and Cluster Tera associations will sign a collaboration framework agreement on September 14 at the Santander headquarters of Cluster Tera (C/ Isabel Torres 19, 39011 | Santander) to develop different actions aimed at promoting and fostering the disciplines of Digital Security and Privacy in the fundamentally technological business fabric of the Autonomous Community of Cantabra.

The agreement will be signed by the president of CLUSTER TERA, Pablo Gómez, and the vice president of Arco Atlántico, Miguel García-Menéndez.

This agreement is configured as a framework for mutual cooperation and development of joint actions in the field of digital security and privacy aimed at achieving better knowledge and dissemination of different aspects related to these disciplines.

In this way, the implementation of this initiative will entail the development of various actions such as the organization of different events such as congresses, workshops or conferences; Information, promotion and dissemination actions in relation to the definition of good practices, models or reference frameworks, technical standards, etc., in relation to these disciplines, as well as the promotion of specific training plans that will have the objective of training in these disciplines, as a lever for equality, inclusion and employability.

On the other hand, both organizations have committed to promoting and disseminating studies, reports and research that help to better understand the aforementioned disciplines and to develop R&D&I actions in the field of digital security and privacy through joint programs .

The president of CLUSTER TERA, Pablo Gómez, states that, at the present time, Cybersecurity is not an option. Clearly it is an essential need for all organizations. In Cantabria there is still a long way to go in most private entities and Public Administrations.

For her part, Cristina Muñoz-Aycuens, president of the Atlantic Arc, in this increasingly digital environment in which we live, we cannot do without cybersecurity in any aspect of our lives. This is why it is very important to be able to get closer to all Cantabrian citizens, companies and administrations and transfer the importance of cybersecurity and this new collaboration with the CLUSTER TERA; sector, on the other hand, that of cybersecurity that currently requires many profiles.


About ATLANTIC ARC: The purpose of the Atlantic Arc Cybersecurity and Digital Environment platform is to contribute to mitigating the digital fragility inherent in the accelerated transformation process that, originating in the digital, is being addressed by Society (its citizens, companies and administrations). . Promote, in a general and global spirit, the culture of digital security (cybersecurity) and privacy in the domestic, corporate and industry spheres, promote the equitable development of skills and talent linked to digital security and privacy, and highlight the transversality of these disciplines.